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How to find your ring size

If you are not sure of your ring size there are several simple ways to find out what it is.

  • Go to a local jewelry store and ask if they could measure your finger. Jewelry store personnel perform this service on a daily basis. If you have a favorite ring of your own or of the person to which you want to give a gift, take that ring in to the jewelry store and request them to put it on a ring mandrel to find the size.
  • Ask us to send you a ring sizer for a fee of $20. You will receive it generally within 4 days. We will deduct the $20 from your first order. You will then have a ring sizer for future use.
    Click Here to order a ring sizer for $20.
  • Order a ring in what is know as a stock size, usually 6 1/2 for women or 10 ½ for men. If the rings do not fit you can return them to us and we will size it within one size at no cost. Or go to a local jewelry store and pay them to size it.

We hope this helps

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